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2020 Covid-19 all B&N booksignings & school readings have been cancelled until further notice!    

JUNE 2019

From Juneau, N.Y. While I was in Alaska w/ my book, a dear friend delivered Esa to Harlem!

MAY 2019  

My Book Exhibit:   Tempe Public Library

"I CAN!" 

Featuring the original artwork-from "Ohhhh, I Can Be That w/ Esa!  Esa~Bella that is."

May 3rd to August 28th @ The Connections Cafe, Arizona that is!  







APRIL  2019****************************************************

Royalty has touched us here at Mahogany Moon Enterprises and I am beyond thrilled to say that our 

beautiful Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, wrote me a beautiful letter about "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!..." Need I say more?  Ohhhh, JOY!  The Duchess LOVES Esa too!  








Children from all over the world, are falling in LOVE  w/ Esa~Bella; India,  USA; Maryland, Mississippi, ...more












READ-OUT-LOUD Program.... in action!

Litchfield Park School District March 20th 








Storytellers needed, starting up!    $$$$

inquire now    





Barnes and Noble Tour continues

B&N~Arrowhead Az.  Feb. 9th 29m

B&N Metrocenter,AZ.

Feb. 23rd 11am


An audience full of boys,

and I thought they'd be

a tough crowd!  But they

fell in love w/ Esa!!!


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