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Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy
Author Audrey Johnsonmmcurdy

Mahogany Moon Enterprises

We are ready to

READ-OUT-LOUD  to your  K--8th grade class

or any group of children

Yes, we are ready to READ-OUT-LOUD “Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!  Esa-Bella that is!” (OICBT) to your students!  So, please ‘pencil’ us in for 2019! 


With OICBT  author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy,  and Illustrator Henry Bosak, will come out to your school to supply entertaining & educational fun!  This is what  the program consists of: 

With “Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!  Esa~Bella that is,” (OICBT)   Author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy,( and Illustrator Henry Bosak,) will come out to your event  to supply entertaining & educational fun!  This is what Mahogany Moon Enterprises’ program consist of: 





***** 1)   A set up of the original artwork from OICBT and a few samples of the rough draft manuscript & illustrations for your                   children to view. Read the rest of option 3 below. 


    a.       -Introduction of author and illustrator...and then  the author reads OICBT.


    b.       -The reading also includes a listening game.  The listening game is where a number of

                  hats,  that are  mentioned in the OICBT story line, are identified by the students by raising their

                  hands, calls out the correct hat,  and  is chosen to come up to  wear that particular  hat...

                  and the reading  continues.  The children really love this!

    c.       -Once the story is completed...the illustrator does his magic and draws one of the

                  characters from OICBT and explains what he is doing step by step.

  d.    The floor is  then open for a Q & A session, so children can to ask the author & Illustrator any question they want!

               All for the fee of $300.



With each grade level we outfit our reading, and  knowledge,toward the cognitive level of that grade. For example:with  the 7th-8th graders (who are about to graduate to High School,) the author and illustrator tells them about their career experiences...etc, and classes to take in case they are interested in writing, drawing, publishing and more... 


We will gladly come out to your school and present our show to the entire student body for a fee.  The reading alone, with the listening game, is also available for a fee.  If you want us to travel outside of Arizona, it can be arranged... but let's discuss the matters over the phone. So, please contact me at or fill out information in the LETS TALK  area that is listed above.  



So, let’s READ-OUT-LOUD, learn a lot and  have lots of fun while doing it together!    


Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy

                                                                                       LET'S EMPOWER KIDS!!

                                                                                   one book at a time!



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