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My first published book: Visions of Santa Fe.  Available of Amazon    (2005) 


Photo by Audrey Johnson, 1988 Los Angeles Forum for MJJ Productions:  Michael Jackson

mj3 - Copy.jpg

Photo by Audrey Johnson 1987,

San Francisco, Ubiquity Productions, 

 MC Hammer



Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy is an artist; A writer, painter and photographer.  She worked for the Music/Entertainment Industry & photographed such greats as Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, M.C. Hammer & more… Her photographs have appeared in many Music Trade magazines, L.A. Times, Arizona newspapers and books of photography.  Born and raised in San Fernando, California, she now lives in Arizona with her husband, daughter & two dogs. ..Her other books are

**  "Visions of Santa Fe" 


** "ZOO-SA-PALOOZA Time w/ Esa!  Esa~Bella that is!" 

** "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!  Esa~Bella that is."

Four published books, with many more to come especially in the Esa~Bella series... 


Author Photograph by Serene D. McCurdy

 Illustrator of "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!"


Art has always been a big part of Henry Bosak’s life as far back as he can remember. The way he looks at it, he was always going to do something artrelated, there was no plan B.

As a graphic designer Henry has worked in the print industry for years. His graphic design works is mostly done digitally but his real love is to work with pencil and paper or paint and brush. His work has been seen all across the county and Canada and if you have gotten a mail piece from a radio station, at some point, then you probably have seen his work. "Ohhh, I Can Be That" is his first children's book!

Painting is something that Henry has always enjoyed doing and recently he has dedicated himself (and quite a few canvases) to strengthen his painting skills.

Henry is represented in two galleries in Arizona and hopes to keep painting and doing art for as long as he can pick up a pencil or brush.

After all…there is no plan B!













All paintings and illustrations by BOSAK 

















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