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"Ohhhh, I Can Be That
with Esa!
Esa~Bella that is!"
Hey you!
It's me Esa~Bella & I'm at it again! 
This time we will dream,
about what we want to be when we grow up! One morning
I asked my mom "What do you do for a living?" & she wearily said' I wear many hats,' and POOF, off goes my imagination as I dream about what I'll be:
 maybe I'll be an engineer, a buccaneer or how about a mountaineer ?  But I know for sure I can be anything I want to long as I wear the right hat for the job!
What will you be when you grow up?
40 pages of FUN! 

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visit you?! 

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Zoo-Sa-Palooza  Time



Esa~Bella that is! (c) (TM)






Hey you! 

My name is Esa! Esa-Bella Benson,that is…and I’m eight years old!

I'm inviting you to come & travel the world with me, simply by visiting the Zoo!  

Spend a WILD day with me "flying" to India, Africa, Australia & more, and guess what... this book is YOUR passport for this crazy day romp. A ZOO visit like no other! Strange and magically things are going to strange even the animals living there want to know what's going on!!


Let’s have a Zoo-Sa-Palooza day!!



Join our READ-OUT-LOUD movement!*


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It's 2019!


Booksigning B&N

9th B&N ~Arrowhead and Metro Center Feb. 23rd 11am


BOOK SIGNING at Barnes & Noble~ Arrowhead, Arizona

January 12th, 11am-2pm

December or Decemburrrr!

Time to celebrate, because our Esa~Bella is now in the libraries of two wonderful schools called

IPROMISE in Akron Ohio, founded by Basketball  great LeBron James.  Oooh, JOY!  Hope to get 

 pics soon and I promise (no pun intended) to post them!  

November 2018**********************************************************

CONGRATULATIONS to  Esa~Bella, Author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy & Illustrator Henry Bosak

for "Ohhhh, I Can Be That w/ Esa.."  winning & being selected by the Tempe Arizona

Galleries Exhibition, to display your book and artwork at the Connections Cafe of the Tempe

Library for the entire Summer of 2019! May 3rd-August 28, 2019! Oh JOY! 











Barnes & Noble Goodyear AZ!  The kids had a blast and so did I!

Barnes & Noble Bookstore TOUR!"Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!

B&N Goodyear Arizona Nov. 10th 1pm

Arrowhead: January 12th    1pm

Tempe Marketplace:TBA

Sept- November 2018*************

I'm more than a writer! My works of photography will be displayed at FIRST STUDIO in 

downtown PHX., 631 N. 1st Ave..  It's gonna be good! Art Reception 10-05-2018 & 11-02-2018

11-16-2018 6pm-10pm Visit my page- Go to menu & press MORE for Audrey's Photography




JUNE-August 2018**************************************

The focus was Summer reading at Summer Camps! Oh JOY! 

May  2018

Thanks for the LOVE, in the spotlight and a wonderful article! 



I had a grand time at this book signing!


APRIL 2018*************************************************

 I love that Phoenix's finest supports me and my programs.  Detective Mary & Officer Ramirez are the

best... and they are Esa~Bella 'all grown up!' 

"Yes I Can be that..." Thanks with all my heart!  


The Children's Museum of Phoenix hosted me & "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!..." & the little ones 

loved it!  A READ-OUT-LOUD fun time!

The Great New Chapel Christian Academy in Camp Springs, Maryland has fallen in 

love with Esa!  Esa~Bella that is! Thanks for the photo!  






February and March 2018 ******************


Doing our Read-Out-Loud program for the Littleton School District

Celebrating Career Day!  We had a blast! 

Visiting Elementary schools and Jr. High Schools, and they are all falling in LOVE withEsa! Esa~Bella that is!









Great news!  By way of Howard University's Graduate program "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!..." will be going

to Ghana Africa for all the children to enjoy!  My books will help build up their libraries in various schools.

Ghanians are requesting African-American centered children’s books, for grades pre-k through 12th, to fill up

their libraries. Can you imagine?  More postings later!! 











January 2018

It's a month for planting seeds...I hope they ALL flourish so Esa~Bella can continue to grow!!   


December 2017*********************************** 

It excites me that children will wake up on Christmas morn & see Esa~Bella books under their

tree!  So satisfying!  

August-November 2017  Sometimes it's allll about family! *********************************************** 

July 2017 *****************************************************************************************************************************

A nice feedback from  Danielle Gilmore, Coordinator of Donor Care for Childhelp, Phoenix Arizona: "Your book has been

added to our playroom and the kids love it! We are thankful that you were all touched & hope that it can only lead to more

awareness & help in the healing process. Thank-you again for your investment in our program and we look  forward to working

with you!" 






The world's OLDEST Rodeo 2017 in Prescott Arizona on the 4th of July weekend.  I was

there and so was Esa~Bella! I've always loved bull riders! You see where the inspiration of this illustration comes from.





June 2017 *****************************************************************************

CHICAGO!! book business 

What a whirlwind trip to the windy city! The American Library Association Conference was rock star level.  

Sarah Jessica Parker & Hillary Clinton were keynote speakers and the Black Caucus American Library Assoc.

extended the invite to me

and I took them up on it!  

On the South Side of Chicago my book "Ohhhh, I Can Be..." is now for sale  @ the beautiful DuSable Museum of

African American History.



Palmer House Hotel/ Empire Room my book signing and w/ great honor I met the Author, Duchess Harris of

"Hidden Human Computers" or in other words this is where the movie "Hidden Figures was born! Based off her book!

And Ms. Duchess Harris fell in love with Esa~Bella, as I just fell for her book too! Read about 

CHICAGO here we come!  BOOK SIGNING AT THE PALMER HOUSE HOTEL June 25th, 7:30pm 

The Empire Room. Black Caucus American Library Assoc. 

What an honor to be accepted by Childhelp-PHX!  "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!..." has been accepted (three

copies)into the Childhelp LIBRARY!  May this book bring a sense of comfort, wonder and HOPE to the victimized children

who walk through those doors of LOVE. To learn more about this awesome and very important organization please




May 2017**************************

How fabulous as more pictures pour in from India.  The young girls in Tami Nadu,India are loving Esa!  Esa~Bella that is!!

Thanks Kimana for your support! <3 

I loved being the Keynote Speaker for Maryvale High School's ROTC Seniors and the 30 preschoolers they taught for the 

2016-2017 school year!  Graduates, parents, family & friends just loved "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!" and yes even

the little ones are dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up! ! Ohhhh, I can be that when I wear a hat!

'A construction worker with my hard hat on!' and 'A Mexican Mariachi singer with my Sombrero on...' And thanks for the

flowers from my new Senior student friends.  

It was a blast! 

April 2017**********************************************************************

Yes my books are in India thanks to Kimana Soni (pix below) of Toronto, Canada.  When she read "ZOO-SA-PALOOZA Time with Esa!" and "Ohhhh,

I Can Be That with Esa!" she just had to take them to a home called "Child Haven" in Tami Nadu, India.  She also sent a message from one child who

just fell in love with Esa~Bella & here it is! 


"Jothinilla in India wants you to know that "you are beautiful and your book is beautiful too." She is a 12 year old very enthusiastic reader! Somewhere,

we have a photo of me reading your book to my little club of girls but haven't uploaded it to any device yet - working on it!"


Well, I can't wait to get that photo but I'm excited & just wanted to share this news with my fellow Esa~Bella fans! I am humbled and amazed

that the children, so close but yet so far, are reading my books.  It's surreal & mind-boggling at the same time. But I feel blessed and can't wait to

share with you, more of  my wonderful adventures from  this wacky book business!     


March 2017*****************************************************************************

It's READ-ACROSS-AMERICA Time & I'm taking my READ-OUT-LOUD programn to local elementary schools in Arizona.  So far  

 the reception has been stupendous!  




February 2017***********************************

Fall in LOVE with Esa at my booksigning: A Tale of Two Cities Parade & Festival- An InternationalCelebration!
Estrella College in Goodyear Az. February 4th 2017     
"Your book is amazing!" 11 yrs old

January 2017 

 Both Esa~Bella books are on their way to  INDIA, Tami Nadu at a home called "Child Haven."




Book signings

Galore & a XMAS

card w/ a review

all in one! (lol) 

                            Merry Xmas                    Catitude Gallery                  Litchfield Park                 "Book Review"

NOVEMBER 2016******************************************************************

Phoenix's new Police Chief, Jeri Williams, just LOVES "Ohhhh, I Can Be That w/ Esa!"







It was great being on the Radio!                                    BOOK SIGNINGS ARE ALWAYS FUN!

     Thanks Authors                                        NOVEMBER 2016 "Catitude Gallery."

                <3 Audrey~                                                    "Ohhhh, I Can Be That with Esa!"







We, at Verrado Heritage Elementary, were fortunate enough to have Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy & Illustrator Noreen Ayonayon visit our school &

tell us about ZOO-SA-PALOOZA!  The Kids LOVED IT!  Second graders and the eight graders were so excited about the story and the art demonstration! 

We highly recommend this awesome team to visit any school! 

                                                                                   Carmen Ganem, Media Aide.


Katrina S.


"I meant to take some time to give this book a review. I recently received this book in the mail and both my 4 year old daughter

and I are in absolute LOVE with it. The story line is well formulated and the illustrations are engaging. This was a great read and worth

the price. You should be proud of your work! "




"Story is expressed in a most delightful, entertaining manner. My granddaughter and I read the book together and she was just beaming

from the beginning to the end! The illustrations are marvelous! Highly recommended!"



Phoenix Author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy to Release Children’s Book in May 2015 

Phoenix Author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy

to Release Children’s Book in May 201

Posted On 28 Apr 2015

By : Tremaine Jasper

Comment: 0

Tag: book, children, families, phoenix


Phoenix-based author Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy and illustrator Noreen Ayonayon will release a new book in May 2015 titled,

“ZOO-SA-PALOOZA Time w/ Esa! Esa-Bella that is!”

ZOO-SA-PALOOZA Time w/ Esa! Esa-Bella that is! is about an 8 year old girl with loads of imagination!

Esa’s family; her loving and caring dad, mom and baby brother spend the day together gazing at the wild zoo sights. But, Esa? Well,

she has the tendency to see things a little bit differently than most, and her romp through the Zoo is a visit like no other! Esa and her

family journeys from one place to another in search of giraffes, who happen to be more interested in fashion than eating eucalyptus

leaves, polar Bears who are afraid of the cold and so much more whacky fun. Her family pretends they’re traveling around the world, no

passport needed, encountering all kinds of animals that create such a ZOO-SA-PALOOZA Time!

To purchase the book online, visit Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy’s WEBSITE



Thanks for the Article PHXSOUL.COM


ANOTHER WRITE UP!   check it out!


Posted on Jun 23, 2015 | 1 Comment


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